Throughout his political career he remained on the centre right. As an honest and competent politician he maintained integrity and competence during his almost 30 years long career. Contrary to most of Pakistan's political elite, he has maintained an untarnished image despite having worked in various Governments, under different heads of states, departments and ministries. He is a competent Pakistani politician with a professional qualification in Actuarial Sciences and a wide experience of working in many multinational corporations while also being the owner of a wide group of companies, which performed remarkably well under his supervision. While he was employed abroad, his father passed away which made him decide to return home. Looking at the plight of the common man here made him turn to politics.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (2018 - Present)

Humayun Akhtar Khan ended his alliance with PMLN before Election 2018. At the time of election he was offered a ticket from another constituency of Lahore NA-124, by chairman PTI himself but Humayun Akhtar Khan declined it. When Chairman PTI Imran khan left the seat won from Lahore, Mr. Humayun Akhtar khan was declared as PTIs candidate for by-elections. PMLN's Khwaja Saad Rafique was once again in contest. Throughout the country this constituency was focused in by-elections due to both heavy weight candidates. Polling was held on 14 Oct 2018. Humayun Akhtar Khan was runner up grabbing 50,445 votes. Khwaja Saad Rafique took 60,476 votes.Despite it all, Humayun Akhtar khan is active in his constituency, very keen to be in touch with his voters and resolve their problems.

PMLQ (Like Minded Group) 2010-2018

After 2008 elections Humayun Akhtar Khan and other notable politicians formed an alliance of like minded politicians. Before Election 2013, the like minded alliance and PMLN came into an agreement to contest elections sharing the same platform. However, PMLN didn't follow the terms of agreement and Humayun Khan didn't take part in the election race of 2013.

Pakistan Muslim League - Q (2000-2010)

In 1999 Gen Musharraf toppled Nawaz Government. Humayun Akhtar Khan, his business and political career was deeply scrutinized by military but there could not be found a single allegation of malpractice. When Nawaz Sharif signed a deal with Gen Musharraf in 2000 and left for Saudi Arabia leaving party fellows in lurch Humayun Akhtar Khan and his other party fellows from PML formed a new party PMLQ. Humayun Akhtar Khan contested elections from a new constituency once again succeeding to secure his seat with 22,405 votes. Humayun Akhtar was one of the most influential party leaders. He was Minister for Commerce when Zafar Ullah Jamali was the Prime Minister. After his stepping down he was the most suitable choice for the next PM of country. However, party politics dominated and Shaukat Aziz was selected. Humayun Akhtar Khan resumed his ministerial duties under Aziz.

IJI and Pakistan Muslim League 1988-2000

When Humayuan Akhtar Khan joined politics, Pakistan Peoples Party and an alliance of Islamist parties, IJI, were two main opponents. Peoples Party's Government formed in 1988 was dismissed due to corruption charges by President of Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Khan. Humayun Akhtar Khan joined hands with the Islamic party IJI. The first election of his political career was held in October 1990. Benazir Bhutto led Peoples Democratic Alliance and Nawaz Sharif led IJI. Humayun Akhtar Khan was awarded a ticket from NA 92 Shahdrah, Lahore. Mr Humayun Akhtar won the seat in a strong hold of Pakistan Peoples Party defeating the then Secretary General of Pakistan Peoples Party. He got 57,866 votes compared to the runner up Sheikh Rafique Ahmed who got 44,384 votes. IJI government was dismissed due to extreme tensions between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan. Nawaz Sharif then formed his own party PMLN, dissenting IJI. Humayun Akhtar Khan sided with PMLN. Pakistan Peoples Party was more popular at the time and Humayun Akhtar Khan was awarded a ticket against PPP's heavy weight, Aitzaz Ahsan, in another strong hold of PPP. Humayun Akhtar Khan's charisma and enthusiastic campaign favoured him. He defeated Aitzaz Ahsan with a margin of almost 4000 votes, PPP's first ever defeat in this constituency. Humayun Akhtar Khan got 66,546 votes in a nail-biting contest against runner up Aitzaz Ahsan who managed to get 62,743 votes. Benazir Bhutto led PPP Government was dismissed by President Farooq Leghari, due to rising tensions between PM and President. This time Humayun Akhtar Khan wasn't awarded a ticket. However, in by-election he contested election from Rahimyar Khan. He went on to win his third election successively in three different constituencies. He was appointed Federal State Minister and Chairman of Investment board due to his successful business career and deep understanding of economic affairs, under Nawaz Sharif led Government of 1997. Election 2008 was very unfortunate for Humayun Akhtar Khan. He lost the first election of his political career. The party was demotivated after the murder of Benazir, events of Lal masjid and "Judicial activism".